Results, Reputation & Respect



If you get arrested or are charged with a crime, retaining a criminal defense attorney is a must.  Mr. Danz knows that an arrest or any trouble with law enforcement can have a significant impact on a person's freedom, liberty, career, personal life, and family. 

Understanding that, Mr. Danz is committed to vigorously defending your case from beginning to end in order to help you and your family through the legal process.

Throughout his legal career, he has earned himself a stellar reputation for being extremely hard-working, persuasive, and innovative.  His tenure at the State Attorney's Office has not only provided him with significant trial experience, but it has also allowed him to present his clients with the most well-rounded and thorough defense possible.

Knowing what it takes to prove a case as a Prosecutor has equipped Mr. Danz with invaluable insight that allows him to successfully defend his clients.  Not only is it important to know how to defend your clients, but also know how to attack the Government's evidence and their arguments against you.

Mr. Danz recognizes that going to trial for many clients may be a last resort, and first, it is necessary to exhaust every other option prior to trial.  Often, defending a case begins when charges are presented to the State or Federal Government.  His aggressive, yet respectful, approach assists him in advocating for his clients and their best interest.

Ultimately, whether a case is resolved by way of dismissal, trial or plea, Mr. Danz works diligently with you and your family in order to produce the most effective defense and results possible.